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“I’m enthusiastic about his approach to persuasion, which is very simple, and which is fundamentally about positivity: making other people feel good about themselves makes them feel good about you.” Read More

Miami Herald

“St. Hilaire provides a number of interesting and useful methods for presenting ideas and providing contexts for arguments and issues.”  Read More


“27 POWERS OF PERSUASION’ offers readers some powerful new ideas on how to get others to follow you.” Read More


Kansas City Star

“His anecdotes are apt and instructional…and show how executives and others can present their thoughts in ways that are palatable to others without necessarily compromising or losing integrity.”

27 POWERS OF PERSUASION: Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences & Win Alliesoffers an entirely new philosophy of communication. True persuasion is not about arm-twisting or out-maneuvering your adversary. True persuasion is the creation of consensus from conflict or indifference. It’s about taking an idea or a course of action and creating unity of purpose.

Written in a highly accessible style—and using current examples ranging from the Obama campaign to KFC, from Starbucks to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim—each chapter of the book offers clear, actionable ways to position your viewpoint as the winning one while also respecting the other side. Rather than turning the situation into “us versus them,” the book offers tactful ways to make the opposition feel valued, not threatened. Running counter to conventional wisdom about power in the workplace, the strategies are insightful, inclusive, and extraordinarily effective.

Understanding Egos (Excerpted)

The 27 Powers of Persuasion are proven tactics drawn from the Big Four communication fields: politics, marketing, journalism, and the law.

  • Evaluate Egos: In order to persuade, you have to understand the people you’re persuading. At the most basic level, that means understanding how the ego works and learning to recognize when someone is feeling threatened. A threatened person is not going to be open to your ideas, which is why many of the powers in this book are geared toward making people feel safe and included. So you must learn to identify who is feeling safe and who is not. You are part of the dynamic, so you have to pay attention to your own ego too.  Read more

Here’s what people are saying about 27 Powers of Persuasion:

James W. Robinson – Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“Chris St. Hilaire’s ’27 Powers of Persuasion’ is full of smart strategies to help you communicate more effectively.  Take this book to heart and start winning people over right away!”

Heidi A. Miller - Founder/former CEO – Heidi’s Frozen Yogurt
“WOW!  Inspiring, thought provoking, a masterful tool for just about any industry! The entire book had me captivated from Power #1 through #27! I learned a little about myself as I read and adapted the chapters to my own business and personal life.
I’ve always known that you don’t learn anything while talking, and now I see why.  I have always said that people may forget what you say to them, but they will never forget the way you make them feel. Several of the chapters emphasize how to make others feel special, needed, a part of a team.  I only wish I had this tool when I owned Heidi’s Frozen Yogurt Shoppes and had hundreds of stores and thousands of employees who would have benefited from this Persuasive book! It’s a home run!”

Dan Schnur – Director, Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics, USC
“Whether your audience is a voter, a consumer, or a juror, whether you’re trying to convince a friend, a spouse, a son or a daughter, Chris St. Hilaire’s  Powers of Persuasion has the answers you’ll need to succeed.”

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