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Book review: The Startup Daily

The Startup Daily October 17, 2011    Volume #207   A More Positive Way to Say No People don’t like hearing no, especially to their own ideas. It’s a rejection and it can make people feel stupid. It only takes a moment to rephrase that no in a more positive way. Instead of Saying No, Say [...]

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Book review: ’27 Powers’ convinces

By Rhett Wilkinson, For the Deseret News Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 12:08 p.m. MDT “27 POWERS OF PERSUASION: Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences and Win Allies,” by Chris St. Hilaire, Penguin, 240 pages Leaning over someone, using five minutes to make your audience feel safe and staying in the present were just a few of [...]

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