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The Startup Daily
October 17, 2011    Volume #207


A More Positive Way to Say No

People don’t like hearing no, especially to their own ideas. It’s a rejection and it can make people feel stupid. It only takes a moment to rephrase that no in a more positive way.

Instead of Saying No, Say “Let’s Try This”
By adding a new potential solution to the problem you haven’t shot down their idea. Instead you are offering an alternative way to achieve the same goal. Use the shared goal as your common ground.  By saying No less often you will be a more constructive problem solver. People are naturally drawn to optimists, especially as leaders.
27 Powers of Persuasion: Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences & Win Allies by Chris St. Hilaire with Lynette Padwa provides useful ideas for being more persuasive when communicating with people around you. This book offers a collection of positive and non-manipulative techniques to make those around you feel better about themselves, and about you.

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