Powers of Persuasion

Whether people know it or not just about every aspect of their life involves persuasion.  Whether you’re CEO of a major corporation, starting a recycling campaign in your city or just trying to get your child to clean their room, persuasion is a part of just about every endeavor.

But after conducting many focus groups on the issue, it became clear that persuasion is seen as a negative by large majorities of people.  The term conjures images of snake oil salesman selling their tonics to the masses, of people being deceived or coerced.

My book changes how persuasion is viewed because true persuasion is about creating consensus from conflict or even nothingness.

In simple, easy to understand steps, 27 Powers of Persuasion will change the way you view persuasion and make you a better, more successful communicator in the process.

Take a peek inside the book, read a chapter and open the door to whole new understanding of persuasion…and make the world a better place in the process.

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  1. Looking forward to receiving my copy of the book!

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