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“St. Hilaire provides a number of interesting and useful methods for presenting ideas and providing contexts for arguments and issues.”
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Doug Haubert  – City Prosecutor – Long Beach, CA
“Every trial attorney would be wise to put aside his or her ego and read this book.  The advice in this book will change the way you present arguments, in court and out of court, and will make any attorney a more powerful advocate.”

“I suggest every prosecutor read this book – and then hide it from the criminal defense bar.”

 “Chris St. Hilaire has defined the elusive, and teaches lawyers something they don’t learn in law school.  Attorneys too often forget about the audience, whether a jury, a boardroom, or the general public, and this book will help anyone with communication skills.  An attorney who reads this book with an open mind will learn how to present any case or argument, no matter how complex, in a clear, effective, and persuasive manner.”

Phillip E. Friduss – Attorney-at-Law – Partner – Landrum & Friduss
“27 Powers of Persuasion offers a few “I knew that” moments, with even more “I should have known that” and “I wish I had known that” ones. Not even halfway through the book, I found myself employing changes to the method and manner by which I communicated with staff, clients, adversaries, judges, and the rest of the business world. St. Hilaire’s methods flat out work.”

Hadi Makarechian - University of California Board of Regents
“Utilizing the strategies in 27 Powers of Persuasion will make you a better, more effective communicator in business and in life.”

Kerri Zane – Emmy Award winning television producer & Health and Fitness Lifestyle Expert
“Everyone needs to understand the power of their own persuasion.  Chris St. Hilaire’s book gives readers in plain English the ability to succeed in 27 easy pieces.”

 David Batten – Attorney-at-Law, Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog
 Superlawyer, field of Medical Malpractice Defense
 Best Lawyers in America, Bet the Company Litigation,
 Best Lawyers in America, Medical Malpractice Defense
 Best Lawyers in America, Personal Injury
 Best Lawyers in America, Commercial Litigation
“I hire Chris St. Hilaire for my most difficult trials, now you can use his  ’27 Powers of Persuasion’ at any time.”